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Powerball jackpot leaps to estimated $800 million, its second-biggest ever. A Millionaire Now Two Ways-Powerball & PCH Sweeps Drawings- HURRY


Powerball jackpot leaps to estimated $800 million, its second-biggest ever.
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CBS Yesterday:
The massive Powerball jackpot keeps on growing and now has hit an estimated $800 million — its second-biggest ever and fifth largest in U.S. lottery history.

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JB’s ‘A’ List For October 2022
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From Oldies Country editor: As a long time Jerry Lee Lewis fan, I almost feared this day. I knew it was coming. Jerry Lee had long out-lasted his contemporaries, despite living a grueling rock and roll life, much of it on the road performing with the energy of a man years younger. I saw Jerry Lee Lewis at many of those gigs or experiences – I wouldn’t call them concerts as that’s much too formal a term – and sometimes I didn’t see him, when he wouldn’t show up, or showed up late, like the time in San Francisco when it is said he he had a fight with his pilot; when he finally came out at the Broadway (I believe was the club, on Broadway) he would only perform about 20 minutes.
Yet, with the good people around him, like his seventh wife, Judith, and long time lead guitarist Kenny Lovelace, Jerry Lee not only persevered but continued to perform into his 80s. The last time we saw him was around a decade ago at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA on the heels of one of his last releases, ‘Last Man Standing.’ Even though Jerry Lee was devoid of the energy of his heyday and that the show wasn’t more than a half hour, it was just great to see Jerry Lee one last time. I thought as i watched and listened that it would likely be the last time I would see him, and it was. But it appeared others, like myself, were just greatful to be there for this historic performance; he only played a handful of shows that year. more
1957 Jerry Lee in color with group doing Great balls of Fire